Star Trek RESURGENCE – Mutiny on the Resolute – Mission 33

A hostile takeover of a starship always ends up with someone in the brig – but who will it be on the USS Resolute.

Jara has been stirring for change on the Resolute for a little while – and is there a better time to strike with so many of the crew at least, quietly, questioning his decisions since the major accident 6 months ago?

But for Jara, this isn’t personal – this is about the mission, as always – and as Bedrosian found out on a previous mission to her personal deteriment.

Jara has confided her concerns in the Duvall – but she needs more support if she’s going to pull this off. But who can she trust?

Commander Urmott? Commander Westbrook? Lieutenant Bedrosian? All have an axe to grind with Commander Rydek – some past, some present.

The next choice Jara makes could be the most important one of her life – and one that could change the course of history forever.

No pressure then as we head into Mutiny on the Resolute – Mission 33 on Star Trek RESURGENCE!

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