Can you REALLY build free apps in Appy Pie?

It sounds too good to be true. Many sites are raving that anyone can build a “no-code” app in minutes but does Appy Pie live up to this reputation?

We’re going to try in out, and with a background in software development it should be really easy for us to do – supposedly!

No-code/low-code platforms certainly have a future – but are they really going to replace software developers as we know them?

We’re going to put these products to the test and test the limits of their ‘freeness’.

You can see this as a tutorial for a new user entering the world of Appy Pie, which you may have already heard about. Sites are raving about the free offering from Appy Pie so we’re here to put it to the test and answer the question – Can you REALLY build free apps in Appy Pie?

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