Can Austerity 2.0 work? Democracy 4 UK

All the news in the UK is about the Conservative government implementing what has been dubbed ‘Austerity 2.0‘ by some commentators.

Real terms cuts to public spending already biting, further are in the pipeline as well as an ever increasing tax burden leading to a cost-of-living crisis despite record employment.

We try to simulate the potential policies of Austerity 2.0 and see what compounding effect that they have on the UK nation, as well as the likely electoral prospects come General Election 2025.

Will the Conservatives be able to hold onto power against a Labour opposition? Will the Liberal Democrats come back to life with a third way?

Come and join us on our journey asking the question Can Austerity 2.0 work in Democracy 4 UK! We’ve not done a Democracy video in a while so… hope you like it! Let us know what more you’d like to see! 🙂

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