DO NOT UPGRADE MiniTool Movie Maker! Here’s Why.

DO NOT UPGRADE MiniTool Movie Maker!!

Here’s the one devastating reason why.

If you use MiniTool Movie Maker at the moment for your video editing needs, stay on MiniTool Movie Maker 4.0.

We normally advocate getting all free updates but this is absolutely one that EVERYBODY should miss. MiniTool Movie Maker 5.0 should not be installed or upgraded to under nearly EVERY circumstance.

In conclusion, we cannot see at single reason to upgrade MiniTool Movie Maker and once you watch the full video – you’ll understand why!

You can thank us later! There was absolutely no mention of the crippling blow that MiniTool Movie Maker 5.0 would provide. We’ve sought it out so you can avoid the frustration and keep your video editing on track!

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