Water Cooled GPU – PC Building Simulator 2 Open Beta Career

We’re stepping into Mission 2 on PC Building Simulator 2 Open Beta in Career mode where a customer would like us to water cool their GPU. They’ve got all the parts, which they’ve kindly sent, but they have NO confidence in their own ability to install them – so this is where we step in!

Follow along our full walkthrough of Mission 2 from the original batch of missions first given to us as we delve into a computer for the first time, removing components, modifying them and then rebuilding the PC.

Can you spot the mistake we made in the video? Make sure you watch it all to catch it! In a handy aside, we show you how to troubleshoot issues if you can’t get the blasted thing to switch back on. Donna would not be a happy customer if we sent the PC back to her in a worse state than she sent it – no matter how mesmerising the coolant in the computer is!

Water Cooled GPU – PC Building Simulator 2 Open Beta Career completed! Onto the next mission. If you haven’t got PC Building Simulator 2 Open Beta yet, head over to the Epic Games store and download you’re FREE copy. But HURRY – there’s only ONE DAY of the Beta left!

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