PC Building Simulator 2 Open Beta | Free Build

Today, we’re taking a look around the new PC Building Simulator 2 Open Beta and specifically focusing on the free build area of the game.

The PC Building Simulator 2 Open Beta is now available for FREE on the Epic Games store. Go and grab a copy now and save yourself 15% if you decide to buy the full game when it comes out!

PC Building Simulator (the original!) has been a popular, if somewhat geeky, game that has been available on PC as well as gaming consoles such as the Playstation 4 for a number of years and challenges users to run their own small computer repair and building business. In Free Build mode you get access to all of the components and can build your dream machine and experiment.

An additional Career mode is offered (similar to a Story mode in other games) which allows you to start your business from virtually nothing and build up your empire into being the number 1 computer retailer and repairer!

Join us know on our journey into the next chapter of the awesome PC Building Simulator!

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