Sky Q Box Problems? We’ve Got You Covered!


The Sky Q box has been an incredibly popular product, with more than one million units sold within the first year of its release. However, as with any new technology, users may experience problems from time to time. Here are some quick fixes that can help you get back to watching your favourite shows without any major headaches!

Sky Help

Sky’s customer service may be top-notch, but their tech support is not. A quick look at reviews and forums online reveals that many users aren’t pleased with Sky Help’s inability to solve technical issues in a timely manner, or to provide any useful information during phone calls. Luckily, you don’t have to call them (unless you have no other choice) because Sky Help has an extensive self-help knowledge base on their website where you can find solutions for a variety of common problems. For example, if your Sky Q box won’t turn on, there are troubleshooting instructions waiting for you here.

Unplug it and plug it back in

It’s a favourite for a reason!

This one seems simple, but it can solve a surprising number of issues. If your box has been exhibiting strange behaviour or simply isn’t responding to remote commands, try unplugging it and plugging it back in before you start poking around inside or calling tech support. This is especially good advice if your box has been sitting idle for any period of time—power outages, electrical surges and brownouts are sometimes responsible for unexpected malfunctions. Similarly, ensure that your power supply is functioning properly by plugging a lamp into an outlet that’s on the same circuit. If it doesn’t light up at full brightness after being unplugged for an hour or two, you probably have an issue with your power supply.

Disconnect everything else

There are few things more frustrating than having your Sky Q box acting up and not being able to figure out why. Often, problems arise when other devices, like a Playstation or Xbox, have access to your wifi network; it may be necessary to disconnect them temporarily in order to diagnose Sky Q box problems. Doing so will mean you won’t be able to use those devices for a bit, but it’s better than paying hundreds of pounds on service charges and repairs.

Try a new remote control

If you’re still having trouble with your Sky Q box, try switching to a new remote control. Remember that you may need to replace your remote’s batteries first. If you have more than one TV set in your home and are using a standalone remote for each of them, it’s also possible that there is an issue with a specific TV set (for example, if you notice no problems when controlling other devices with the same remote). To fix Sky Q box problems like these, use different TV sets or remotes until you find one that works properly.

Reset your box

Disaster? Not as much as having to call out a Sky Engineer for £150 to do exactly the same thing!

Resetting your Sky Q box might sound a little scary, but it’s actually very easy to do. Here’s how: Switch your Sky box off at its mains socket. Wait five seconds and then press and hold both of its buttons at once (Sky + OK) for a further five seconds. Release them and wait 20 seconds before switching it back on again. It’ll then reset itself completely and you’ll be good to go once more. There you have it—quick fix number one done in under 30 seconds flat! Of course, if that doesn’t work, we’ll need to dig deeper…

Contact customer services again

We’ve already said they’re awesome – so why not!? When you’ve tried other solutions and there is a top-notch customer service team on standby, use it!

So if your Sky box is showing an error message, chances are you won’t be able to fix it yourself. But don’t worry, there are steps you can take. The first thing to do is contact Sky directly – or in other words, call them up or visit their website and get in touch with a member of their customer services team. There are two numbers for Sky customer services: one for existing customers and one for new customers.

Switch provider

Maybe Virgin Media has recently expanded to your area? Maybe this is just one problem too far?

If you’re really unhappy with your Sky experience, don’t be afraid to switch providers. These days, contracts are rare and deals are plentiful. In fact, there’s no better time to compare providers than now—you can research them online and use sites like Compare the Market to see which offers are available in your area. Just make sure that when you do switch, you tell Sky first so they can cancel your contract early (your last bill should outline cancellation rights). Remember—if things aren’t working out with a service provider, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a discount or trial period. This gives them an opportunity to keep you happy (and paying) while also providing you with some value for free. It’s a win-win situation that happens all too rarely these days!

Don’t Forget!

Unlike previous Sky subscriptions, Sky retains ownership of the Sky Q box. If you leave, they get it back. BUT, this also does mean that if you’re encountering problems and a new box is required, you’re no longer required to shell out £299 for a new one. If it needs replacing, that’s on them!

Helped you out? Let us know in the comments below!

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