DPS Computing Website – Maintenance – 22/02/15

Hello everybody,DPS Computing

The main DPS Computing website has been taken offline temporarily to be migrated to a new platform.  The blog is still accessible and will remain so throughout the maintenance of the main site.

The current incarnation of the DPS Computing website, which has been in place since 2012, runs on Coldfusion.  However, unfortunately Coldfusion only runs on Windows operating systems.  Therefore to implement this technology on DPS Computing we have had to install an alternative open source system that supports Coldfusion development.

However, over the years, this has led to a number of problems, including site inaccessibility and extended periods of downtime.  In addition to this, the open source software and its integration with the server is quite complex and maintenance of the server usually takes much longer than it would if we were not using Coldfusion based development on the main DPS Computing website.  Additionally, new features of Coldfusion are not always available in the open source software or take some time to be integrated.

DPS Computing now has a dedicated ColdFusion server for Coldfusion developments.  However, given the issues listed above, I have taken the decision to migrate the main DPS Computing website away from Coldfusion – the site was due a face lift anyway ;-).

Thanks again for your patience whilst we migrate the main site,


PS.  These changes won’t affect the blog – it’s staying as it is for now!

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