DPS Computing – Update – 09/04/2013

DPS ComputingDear Customers, Members and Visitors,

I would like to take this opportunity to give a quick update to you all regarding DPS Computing and future plans.

As many of you will have seen in one of our previous posts, I recently took the decision to revert DPS Computing Limited back to a sole trading company (as we were prior to 2012).  The decision behind this was for a number of reasons, including to reduce overheads on the business (with regards to admin, time and extra expenditure that I am no longer able to expend now due to other commitments) which has been diverting my attention away from the products and services that we provide.

Some of you may have noticed that the DPS Computing website came back online on Sunday and you may have had intermittent access between then and now due to server maintenance which we decided to undertake during this transition phase to minimise disruption.  The website has now been fully restored and partially rebranded to reflect the businesses’ change of legal status.

Orders of products and services through DPS Computing remain suspended still pending the complete relaunch of a new billing system for DPS Computing.

Please note, any and all references to ‘DPS Computing Limited’ are now to refer to ‘DPS Computing’.  It’s taking us a little while to find all the references and change the necessary content to reflecting our new trading status and we anticipate that to be ongoing for a couple of weeks – thanks for bearing with us!

Our products and services are going to be relaunched in a staggered manner.  The first items, which we hope to begin selling again by the end of the week, will be the DPS Drive – Interactive Theory Test application.

Some products and services originally offered by DPS Computing Limited are to be restored fully, while others will be removed from our portfolio.  The current status of our product and service lines is as follows (and is subject to change).

DPS Drive – Interactive Theory Test – CONFIRMED RETURN

DPS Drive – Case Study Examples – CONFIRMED RETURN




Web Application Development – PARTIAL RETURN (PENDING)


Website Maintenance – PARTIAL RETURN (PENDING).  

Thanks for bearing with us throughout the transition!  Please remember that although the main DPS Computing website is now back online, some parts may be factually incorrect or out of date while they are updated to reflect the recent changes – thank you for your patience.  Looking forward to the relaunch of DPS Drive – ITT and some new products on the way soon.

Thanks for your ongoing support as always!

David Smith

(PS. I’m going to try and get a bit more active on the blogging front as well 😉 ).

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