Converting a YouTube Video Into An MP3 File – A Quick Guide

Now firstly, before we go any further with this, we need to make one thing clear! ;).  You should only download (covert) a YouTube video to an MP3 file if you are permitted to do so.  This could either be in the form of direct permission from the copyright holder or if it is in the public domain.  You shouldn’t download or convert any media file which you are not legally entitled to do so.  DPS Computing Limited does not condone copyright infringement or piracy under any circumstances.

[/LegalDisclaimer] ;).

Right, so…. your mates band has uploaded a video of them at a recent gig and they’d like to have an MP3 audio track of the performance.  They’ve uploaded it onto YouTube but what should you do now?  Well, it is actually that difficult (usually!) to convert a YouTube video to an MP3 file and download it.  We’ll go through the steps here:

1.  Go to YouTube (obviously! – note that this guide will work for most other video sharing websites as well).

YouTube - Homepage

2.  Search for the video that you’d like to download as an MP3 file.  In this case, we’re using our promotional video as an example – hence we search for ‘DPS Computing’.  Click on the video required in the search results.  You can also click a direct link from another website or bookmark (if you do this, skip to step 3).

YouTube - Search - DPS Computing

3.  Pause the video.

YouTube - DPS Computing - Promotional Video

4.  Open a new tab in your browser (keep the one with the YouTube video in open also!).  Go to (or another similar website – there are loads listed on Google).

Video2MP3 - Media Converter - Homepage

5.  Copy the URL for the YouTube video (in the other tab).

YouTube URL - DPS Computing - Promo Video

6.  Find the relevant box to insert the YouTube video URL into (see below).  Paste in the URL that we just copied.  You can also select Standard or High quality.  Obviously ‘High Quality’ will produce a higher quality MP3 file – but it will also take up more space.

Video2MP3 - Media Converter - Convert URL

7.  Now, click the ‘Convert’ button.

Video 2 MP3 - Convert URL - Convert Button

8.  After you have clicked ‘Convert’, the conversion will begin.  A percentage counter will count up to 100% to show you the progress of your conversion.

Video2MP3 - Converting

9.  When 100% is reached you will be provided with a link which you can right click on and choose ‘Save As…’ to save the file to your computer.

Job complete!  :).

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