The World Stage Prepares For The Assange Showdown


Well, another day into the ‘Julian Assange‘ situation and the different countries of the world are preparing for an International showdown.

Australia are getting involved today as they are making preparations to deport Julian Assange to the United States of America – and yes, this is indeed despite Australia being no where near having custody of Assange.  But naturally, they have got involved due to the Assange being an Australian citizen.  Plus, we imagine the Aussie government will get some brownie points from Team USA for what seems to be a highly premature plan.  Australia have, however, tried to play down the plans, telling media sources that they are just ‘contingency planning’.

Meanwhile, Julian Assange himself is still holed up inside the Ecuadorian embassy, with the UK still refusing to allow him safe passage.  So, what will break this stalemate?  Well Mr Assange has told the press that if the UK do not allow him safe passage out of the country to Ecuador he is going to take the UK to the International Courts of Justice to have his case heard.

The UK are saying nothing more at the time, feeling that there is nothing more to add and that Assange will not be leaving the UK – not with their permission anyway.  UK police officers continue to surround the embassy with approximately 40 police officers waiting for yet another day in the vicinity of the embassy.

The USA are no doubt paying close attention to the unfolding drama, with the US government keen to have Julian Assange extradited to the States to stand trial, where he could face the death penalty.  However, the timing of this unfolding International incident could spell disaster for the incumbent Obama Administration as Assange’s extradition and trial in the US would be expected to damage his fight in Election 2012, scheduled for later on this year.

Julian Assange is due to address the crowds outside the Ecuadorian embassy, as well as the media, on Sunday afternoon.  It is believed that Mr. Assange could do this from the balcony of the embassy, so as to assure he cannot be arrested.

The world looks on with interest as the public wait to see which country makes the next move.

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