DPS Computing is Looking for their Facebook Fan of the Week!

Fan of the Week - FacebookAs I’m sure our regular visitors and members will know, DPS Computing has its own Facebook page.

We’ve just launched ‘Fan of the Week’ on our Facebook page, with a new fan (or ‘liker’ ;)) being chosen each week to be the DPS Computing Fan of the Week!  Not only will this give you more exposure on Facebook (if you want it of course!), it will also help improve your business and it’s likes on your page as well (if you have one).

What do you have to do to enter?  That’s simple, just like the page and we’ll do the rest and then keep checking back each week to see how you’re doing.

DPS Computing - Facebook Page - Header

If you wish to explicitly put yourself forward for nomination then you can of course do that also :).  Simply go to the ‘Fan of the Week’ section on our Facebook page and nominate yourself, which will allow you to receive votes from fellow fans.

DPS Computing - Fan of the Week Stage

Now, of course there are things that you can do to increase the likelihood of being selected as the DPS Computing ‘Fan of the Week’.

  1. Nominate yourself – this means you appear on the list of candidates and allows other fellow ‘likers’ to vote for you.  And democracy style voting is always a good thumbs up for you (and you’re business).
  2. Be active on our page – see a status you like?  ‘Like’ it then.  Want to leave a comment on one of our links?  Comment away.  Do you want to share something on our page?  Feel free – as long as you’re not spamming us it’s fine! ;).
  3. Make an impression – offer advice to other fans, share useful information you’ve found out.  Read an interesting story?  (especially a computing related one!). Then share it on our page.

When you get picked as DPS Computing’s Fan of the Week you’ll appear on our prestigious ‘Fan of the Week’ stage for everyone to see.  Not only that, but we announce the fan of the week on both our Facebook and Twitter pages – including a link to your Twitter / Facebook / Website which can spread awareness about you and your company.

We’ll be picking our first Fan of the Week shortly.  It could be you! :).

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