The Dawn of a New Era Begins!

DPS ComputingIt’s usually quite exciting here at DPS Computing HQ but now more than ever we are entering the most exciting times in our 6 year history.

A brand new website is currently in the final stages of development and is due to be launched in the coming week.  As well as that, we have a few other surprise changes to come – but don’t worry, the blog won’t be going, it’ll be incorporated into the new website.

We will be launching an exciting range of products and services in the very near future and we hope that you will join us in celebrating the big launch!

For now, I can’t spill any more information, but be assured that all will be revealed and we hope you agree that it is also really exciting!

As always, we’ll keep you informed! :).

DPS David.

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Ben Stones
11 years ago

Sorry, don’t know how other way to ask you but – get on MSN! :p

And looking forward to the changes :).

Ben Stones
11 years ago

I’m on eUK Forums right now…tried a proxy?

Ben Stones
11 years ago

E-mail me your IP and I’ll have it checked.

Ben Stones
11 years ago

Not received any e-mail from you. Try sending it from the one on my profile (again, if that was the one you sent it to).

Ben Stones
11 years ago

Sorry, the SpamAssain settings were set too high. They’re at 5 now, so your e-mail was received second time. You didn’t do anything wrong but the security rules in place are a little too strict it seems. I’ve actually had it happen before myself. I’ll definitely need to get this looked into as we can’t afford to have customers having loss of access to the forums.

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