DPS Computing Trialling Specialised Advertising

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DPS Computing has decided to trial specialised advertising with the aim of improving the service we offer to our visitors and members and opening doors to products and services that may be of interest to you.

For a long time we have debated whether or not to include advertising on the DPS Computing website.  The conclusion that we have come to is that although we definitely don’t want blanket advertising on the website (i.e. ads for anyone that wants them on here or will pay for space) we believe that specialised advertising will enhance the experience for all our users.

By specialised advertising we mean that adverts will only be placed on the DPS Computing website which we believe will be of interest and use to our users.  If we add an advertisement and subsequently find it isn’t useful to our visitors then we will remove it.  All ads will be reviewed periodically and all adverts before they are added will be checked to ensure that they meet the standards and requirements that we have set down.

We have taken this step as we understand that we are not able to provide absolutely every service and piece of information related to computing.  While we try hard to include and do as much as we can, this unfortunately is currently an impossible goal.  Therefore we are going to use our specialised advertising programme to put you in contact with people who can provide additional services, products and information that you may find useful to use.

This is currently only a trial and if it proves unpopular and not wanted by the majority of our loyal visitors and members we will end the trial without hesitation.

If you have any comments or feedback on this trial please leave the comments on this post or on the forums and they will be taken into consideration.

We hope and look forward to your continued support of DPS Computing.

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