Another ISP Adds a Fibre Optic Offering

TalkTalk are the latest ISP to announce they will be upgrading areas to super fast fibre optic broadband.  Dubbed the “Fibre Optic Boost” TalkTalk have claimed that customers will be able to achieve up to 40mg broadband which no doubt will boost the company that has been plagued with bad reviews and disgruntled customers.

Customers wishing for their area to be upgraded are advised to register their interest on TalkTalks website, similar to the way BT rolled out Infinity, their fibre optic offering.  The more people that register in a particular area the more likely TalkTalk are to roll out the new service in that area which will be similar to BTs Infinity in the fact that it will be pot luck and a post code lottery as to whether you can receive it in your area.

TalkTalk has assured their customers that upgrading will be easy.

Top Of The (Game) Charts This Week? – FIFA 11

FIFA 11 logoFIFA 11 stays top of the game charts this week despite its sales halving over the previous week – which I’m sure we’ll all agree is quite impressive!

Just Dance 2 has managed to clamber over Call of Duty: Black Ops to snatch the number two spot with the later taking third place.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is just behind in fourth place with Wii Fit Plus making a return to the top 5 after a little time away.

It would seem the shock entry at number 5 is due to people suddenly worrying what to do with all the post festive period weight!

T-Mobile Reveals New “Fair Usage” Policy For Mobile Broadband

T-Mobile logoMobile broadband will never be the same again – at least for T-Mobile customers.  Currently with their mobile broadband package you are allowed either 1GB or 3GB of data transfer a month dependent on your contract.

Now T-Mobile is “giving notice to customers” that fair usage will now mean no more than 500MB of data transfer a month.  T-Mobile hasn’t yet made it clear whether this will only affect new customers or existing customers as well saying only that they have “given fair notice”.

They continued to state that big downloads as well as video streaming should be saved for home Internet connections.

T-Mobile however have wanted to try and emphasize the positive now stating that you won’t be charged for going over your data limit.  So what happens now I hear you ask?  Well, now when you go over your data limit,  you get banned.  Yes, that right banned! – for the entire month period till your next bill.  I am sure this will be a comfort to all T-Mobile mobile broadband customers – NOT!

In a nutshell, if you want to do any more then basic browsing avoid T-Mobile mobile broadband like the plague!  They’ve basically said this themselves! 😉 (minus the “avoid T-Mobile mobile broadband like the plague!” bit!).

Broadband – But Not As We’d Like It

Broadband - hand holding globeUnhappy with your broadband?  Well you’re not alone!, one of the UKs respected ISP review website has conducted a survey which reveals that around 45% of us are disillusioned with our own connections.  Also, well over a third of people who took part would rate their Internet connection as “poor”.

The founder of the website, Mark Jackson, said “It’s deeply disappointing to see that consumer satisfaction with mainstream ISPs is still so extremely low.”

Virgin Medias fibre optic broadband looks set to continue to lead the way while the effect that BTs new fibre optic offering “Infinity” has is still waiting to be fully seen.

Hackers Target Irish Political Parties New Site

Fine Gael Party LogoIrish opposition party Fine Gael, who recently launched a new website, was targetted by hackers today.  The hackers, associated with the Anonymous group are also believed to be associated with Wikileaks and the recent attacks on companies such as Visa, Mastercard, Amazon and eBay.

The site which was launched last week was set up to get the publics opinions on where they would like the party to shape Ireland should they get in power.WikiLeaks

The 4 hour long attack resulted in a massive breach in website security when thousands of registered users information was stolen from the website.  During the attack the sites main page was also replaced with a page reading “The problem with politicians is they lie”.

The website is temporarily shutdown while they recover from the attack and work with the authorities to find the perpetrators.

The website currently reads:

“The Fine Gael website was professionally hacked on the evening of January 9th by an entity calling themselves the Anonymous Group.

The Anonymous Group has been associated with the Wikileaks investigation and attacks on companies such as Visa, Mastercard, and Amazon.

The website will be offline while we follow-up with the appropriate authorities to resolve the matter.

We thank you for your continued support for Fine Gael. If you have any feedback please to send it to