Mandelsons Hardline Filesharing Approach Will Cause “Confusion And Difficulty”

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TalkTalkPeter Mandelsons hardline approach to file sharing has once again be slammed by telecoms giant TalkTalk after it demonstrated the unfairness of the proposed system and how innocent people could easily be disconnected.

DPS Computing reported last month about several ISPs, including TalkTalk, not being convinced by the idea.

TalkTalks Matt Roxburgh demonstrated today how 23 innocent people would have lost their Internet connections under Mandelsons plans.  All the people in question had their wireless networks open which in turn allowed the TalkTalk representative to connect to them and download illegal material to his computer using their internet connections.

Along with getting it wrong, Peter Mandelson, has been accused by TalkTalks Director Of Strategy & Regulation Andrew Heaney of being “naive”.

It is also another demonstration of Peter Mandelson being “out of touch” with the issues that his ministerial position is charged with dealing with.

The current policy outlined by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills would make people guilty unless proven innocent and has a complete lack of a judicial process meaning that falling victim to hacking will result in your loss of an internet connection permanently.  The Department released a statement saying “We realise it’s possible for mistakes to occur or for people to have their wi-fi connection hi-jacked” however they stopped short of saying that this would be a reason why your account would not be disconnected.

As it stands, our 23 victims today would be punished and lose their connections.

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