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eUKhost is a web host offering a wide selection of hosting products at very competetive prices.  They offer everything from shared hosting to dedicated servers and cater for personal websites as well as professional websites.


eUKhost is undoubtebly one of the best web hosts out there.  Their support, both on and offline, is second to none.  DPS Computing itself, along with related sites, are currently hosted on eUKhost servers and have been hosted there since their existance began a few years ago.  The prices, on the website are also extremely competative compared to other web hosts and the feature set ensures that whatever website you want to build eUKhost will be able to host it.

It is, and will remain, one of the few web hosts to get our 5 star rating as we believe that this web hosting company would definitely take some beating to remove it from top spot.

For anyone considering web hosting, but is unsure, whether its for personal or professional uses give eUKhost a try and they will help you every step of the way.

As well as the 24/7/365 support there is also a fantastic forum ( to discuss both web hosting, related topics and general chat and a fantastic blog ( which is being updated regularly.

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