From April 2017, ALL BT customers will be paying for BT Sport (whether you subscribe or not!).

But I don’t subscribe!? You do now!  No, seriously, you do! It doesn’t matter anymore – you’re in.  One way or another, from 2nd April 2017, all BT customers, whether you take phone, broadband or any other BT service will

Wifi Won’t Reconnect? You Need To Reset Your Network Adapter

OK, I feel like I’ve possibly lost some of you there – but don’t worry, all will become clear.  A common problem that arises with wireless networking (wifi) that many of us now use at home to connect to the

Secret 50% BT Price Rise Shocks Customers

  Although customers are still reeling from the recent BT price rises that were announced at the beginning of the year, BT customers who are coming to the end of their contracts are now finding out that there renewal deals

Criminal Minds is Back On Demand! (Sky)

  For fans of the show (and let’s face it – who isn’t?!), Criminal Minds is back on demand right from the beginning!  After being shown on Amazon Instant Video last year for a few months it’s now made a

Smart Meters – What a Pile of Crap! AVOID!!

  Before you ask, no I don’t have one. And since you ask, don’t get one either! I’m a geek and I love technology but Smart Meters are actually, pretty dumb.  They shouldn’t be and had this whole thing actually