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GTA V LSPDFR - Shift 10 0

GTA V Cop – LSPDFR – Shift 10

As we enter into Shift 10 we’ve had it all and need to cool down some of the excitement – but out of control (literally!) cars have another idea. It’s not the best day...

GTA V LSPDFR - Shift 8 0

GTA V Cop – LSPDFR 2023 – Shift 8

Well if you thought we couldn’t beat a train wreck (literally – check out Shift 7!) then think again! We head out on a variety of calls this shift including a very curious traffic...

GTA V LSPDFR Shift 4 0

GTA V Cop LSPDFR – Shift 4

We’re excited that we get to deal with our first bank job in Shift 4 in our life as a GTA V Cop in LSPDFR! We’re excited that we get to deal with our...

GTA V LSPDFR - Shift 3 0

GTA V Cop LSPDFR – Shift 3

After a traumatic attempt at upgrading our Police Computer we revert back to normal for our GTA V Cop outing in LSPDFR. We’re now on shift 3 and gradual getting more comfortable with the...

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