What is __MACOSX?

This is a question that comes up a lot, particularly from Windows users. So what the devil is the folder called __MACOSX and what can or should I do with it? MacBook Pro

The technical term for what is contained within this curious folder is a resource fork. What a resource fork is is outside the scope of this short article but the Wikipedia article covers it nicely if you’re interested.

__MACOSX, as you may have gathered, will only be created on an Mac. If you’re creating files on Windows, you won’t ever (unintentionally) create these or see them.

However, a common place windows users do see these is in ZIP files that they download or files that they share with Mac users.

Outside of a Mac, they are useless. Depending on who you ask, you may get told that they’re useless fluff wherever they are – a debate that I’m sure will continue to rage on. The point being they do actually have an intended purpose in the OS X operating system.

So, why do Mac Users keep sending them to me if they’re useless?

The answer to this one is that Mac users simply don’t see these folders. Take the ZIP file that you’re looking at and have a look on a Mac a hey presto, just like magic, they’re invisible. And they aren’t the usual type of hidden folder. They’re really hidden! Hence why Mac users won’t remove them from the archive before they distribute.

Can I Delete The __MACOSX folder?

On Windows, absolutely – it’s no good to you at all. Just useless tat taking space up. On Mac, you can’t see it anyway.

The main complaint is that these files can, on occassion, take up massive amounts of space. Usually, they are KB’s so apart from cluttering up your file system and MFT the space they take up isn’t usually of a concern.

DPS Computing Launches New ‘Archives’ Section

Now, obviously, as many of you will know, DPS Computing has been around in its current form for the past 3 years.  Some of you will also know and remember old incarnations of the DPS Computing website.  DPS Computing was started over 5 years ago way back in 2007.

Unfortunately, a lot of content has been lost over the years which is very sad.  But some good news is that we are currently digging through all the archives available to us and making some of the old DPS content back available online again!

Today, we’ve added a couple of news articles right back from the beginnings of DPS Computing and our (at the time legendary) article on Windows, which gives a brief history of Microsofts groundbreaking and revolutionary operating system.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to locate the detailed articles for each of the operating systems but we haven’t given up the hope of finding them in the many archives of DPS Computing that we have lurking about.

If you know of any archive sites which may have backed up some of the old DPS Computing content then feel free to comment below and we will investigate.  Any old content from DPS Computing that we manage to find we will republish to rekindle fond memories for our long term members and to allow our new members to experience the previous content of DPS Computing.

I hope you enjoy!

DPS David :).