Coronavirus – 5 Toilet Rolls You Can Get NOW!

The shelves have literally been wiped clean (pardon the pun). The current Coronavirus outbreak – COVID-19 – is putting strains on supply chains. Despite Government and retailers rushing out to say “there’s no need to panic, there are no shortages”, shoppers up and down the country have been posting empty shelves which has led to increasing panic.

We’re aware of price gouging happening on this weakening supply and long lead times so, to ensure we build a useful list that will actually help you out, the criteria we’ve used for inclusion in the list:

  • Reasonable price – not £30 a roll here.
  • Available soon – within the next few days.

Even Amazon is starting to run out of many toilet rolls as people snap them up:

Fear not though, DPS Computing are here to point you in the right direction of the valuable supplies still available.

1 – ADMJ Classic Clean 3 Ply – 12 Rolls, £11.48

It might not be Andrex, but less than a quid a role including delivery, it’s a reasonable prospect for the price.

Lead time of this is a couple of weeks – but throw in an extra couple of quid and you can get this by Saint Patrick’s Day to a UK address. It’s no frills, but who needs them?

2 – Andrex Classic Clean – 2 Rolls, £9.45

Here’s the Andrex – but be prepared to part with a fiver for a roll. On the plus side, it’s free delivery. Won’t last you two weeks in self-isolation but it’ll get you through an uncomfortable period whilst the local supermarket tries to restock.

Delivery by March 18th.

3 – Elan Blue Rolls, 4 Rolls (400 sheets) – £7.39

We’re used to having white, but there’s also the blue variety.

Hopefully, that’s not freaking you out. Caravan owners will be more familiar with the roll designed for chemical toilets, but there’s no reason it can’t be used whilst at home during this emergency:

It’s probably not going to win any glamorous packaging awards, but who needs that?

Delivery by March 18th.

4 – Renova – 6 Rolls, £7.99

Clearly, we’re not a big fan of blue. But irrational fear of coloured roll in a time of national emergency is pretty zany. So, put your colour fears aside and pick up this blue roll for just over £1 per roll. 3 ply – so offering good comfort to boot!

Delivery by March 18th.

5 – Coghlans Travel – 2 Rolls, £4.15

Travel roll is just as good as a normal roll when you’ve run out.

Although, only single-ply – this is probably the last resort (use the blue stuff above!).

On the plus side, Prime delivery is available, so you can have it with you by Tuesday.

A little pricy, but available quickly – and certainly not gouged up to the ridiculous levels elsewhere.

Any more you want including on the list? Spotted a better supply somewhere? Let us know in the comments below!

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