Official London 2012 Website Launches Memorabilia Auction Site

London 2012 - Olympics

The official London 2012 website has launched a memorabilia website holding auctions for London 2012 and Olympics related memorabilia under the tagline of ‘Own a piece of Games History’.

In what seems like an ‘almost everything from the Games must go’ auction website, everything from signed photos to athletics gear to results cards and programmes seem to be on offer.

The current items that are the most popular on the website are:

The average bids for items are in the thousands, typically ranging between £1000 and £4000 per item.  The website looks set to make significant money for the LOCOG which is expected to be used to offset the cost of the London 2012 Olympics as well as secure their legacy.

One, if not the highest price selling item which the site has sold so far appears to be a Bradley Wiggins signed London 2012 Olympic Torch which has fetched £13,000.

Another item, due to end in 18 days, an Official London 1948 Olympic torch has a current high bid of £14,000.

Categories of memorabilia available include:

Official memorabilia for the London 2012 Olympics is only being sold on the official London 2012 website.  This is despite Olympics memorabilia appearing on other auction and selling websites – although the authenticity of items on other websites cannot be verified.

The London 2012 Olympics closes this evening, with the closing ceremony starting at 21:00 (UK time) with pre-coverage starting on BBC One and BBC HD from 19:30 (UK time).

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Ben Stones
9 years ago

*Must resist sarcastic jokes at people buying things at overly-inflated prices because of psychological perception*

Who cares. Own a piece of Games History !!!! BUY NOW !!!!!

(Damn. Was sarcastic. Sorry.)

Ben Stones
9 years ago

Of course I will, why not! I was going to spend £14k on a nice car for myself for my future but – what the heck – I might buy a metal torch instead with a nice Gold painting on.

Ben Stones
9 years ago

Crap! It’s increased to £20k…oh well…time to buy out a loan!

Ben Stones
9 years ago

j/k 😉

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