Microsoft discontinuing support for MySpace through Windows Live

Microsoft has e-mailed all users that have MySpace connected to their Windows Live account that over the next few weeks, Windows Live support for MySpace will essentially be discontinued. Microsoft e-mailed all applicable Windows Live users regarding this stating that MySpace information (including posts by MySpace user’s friends) will no longer be automatically imported.

MySpace is definitely declining in popularity, and was sold to Specific Media (opens in a new window) and Justin Timberlake in late June 2011 for around just $35 million USD. The company, along with Justin, are trying to turn the social networking service into a social hub for music and artists.

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5 Responses

  1. DPS says:

    Ah this is interesting. TBH, I wasn’t aware that NewsCorp had sold MySpace, although I cannot say that it is surprising.

    I guess they just can’t compete with Facebook and I have to say that I personally prefer Facebook over MySpace.

    What a loss for NewsCorp though – just shows how fast hundreds of millions can be made, and lost, online!!

    And I was also interested to learn of Justin Timberlakes role in MySpace now – do you think he was inspired after playing Shaun Parker in Social Network? 😉

  2. Ben Stones says:

    Don’t care for News Corp. They own News Int., which owned NOTW and owns The Sun.

    and lol! Interesting question ;).

  3. Ben Stones says:

    News Corp. can go bankrupt for all I care.

  4. DPS says:

    Haha, I do not think that is very likely 😉

  5. Ben Stones says:

    You’re right, yes :P.

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