New DPS Computing Games Section Launches With 100 Games

DPS ComputingA new DPS Computing Games section has been revealed today by DPS Computing owner David Smith.  The new section is set to grow even more and has launched with just under 100 games playable directly from the DPS Computing website.

Palm Pre For £35 A Month

O2O2 today has launched the Palm Pre handset in the United Kingdom for a price of just under £35 a month on a 24 month contract which puts the new smartphone directly in competition with its rival iPhone, from Apple.

O2 today has also confirmed plans to eventually bring the Palm Pre available to Pay As You Go users but it is yet to be seen whether this will also be competative against the iPhones £340 price tag for their PAYG customers.

Reports are suggesting that Palms late offering of the Pre in the UK could have substantially damaged sales as other equally capable phones such as the iPhone 3G have been given a head start against the handset.

Three Quarters Of The UK Online Says Ofcom

OfcomAccording to new figures released today, 73% of adults are now internet users, up from 59% in 2005 says communication regulator Ofcom.

The report that Ofcom has commisioned has also found that there are now more older users on the Internet and that while online shopping is in decline, communication, social networking and entertainment are on the up in cyberspace.

Ofcom yesterday launched an initiative, involving the likes of Sky and the BBC, promoting digital up take by Britain as it plans to spread take up countrywide.

Mandelsons Hardline Filesharing Approach Will Cause “Confusion And Difficulty”

TalkTalkPeter Mandelsons hardline approach to file sharing has once again be slammed by telecoms giant TalkTalk after it demonstrated the unfairness of the proposed system and how innocent people could easily be disconnected.

DPS Computing reported last month about several ISPs, including TalkTalk, not being convinced by the idea.

TalkTalks Matt Roxburgh demonstrated today how 23 innocent people would have lost their Internet connections under Mandelsons plans.  All the people in question had their wireless networks open which in turn allowed the TalkTalk representative to connect to them and download illegal material to his computer using their internet connections.

Along with getting it wrong, Peter Mandelson, has been accused by TalkTalks Director Of Strategy & Regulation Andrew Heaney of being “naive”.

It is also another demonstration of Peter Mandelson being “out of touch” with the issues that his ministerial position is charged with dealing with.

The current policy outlined by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills would make people guilty unless proven innocent and has a complete lack of a judicial process meaning that falling victim to hacking will result in your loss of an internet connection permanently.  The Department released a statement saying “We realise it’s possible for mistakes to occur or for people to have their wi-fi connection hi-jacked” however they stopped short of saying that this would be a reason why your account would not be disconnected.

As it stands, our 23 victims today would be punished and lose their connections.

Channel 4 Teams Up With YouTube

Channel 4Channel 4 has become the first major broadcaster to sign a deal with video sharing website YouTube to provide its content on the website for its 20 million viewers starting in 2010.  Channel 4 hopes that this will boost their viewers and it is the first broadcaster worldwide to sign any such deal with YouTube or any similar video sharing website.

When questioned about the latest deal the broadcaster Channel 4 declined to provide information of the financial Goo Tubesettlement agreed on between themselves and YouTubes owner Google but they did confirm that the programmes would only be available to viewers in the United Kingdom and that advertising revenue from the venture would be split between both parties – although Channel 4 would also not confirm the details of the percentages each party would get.

Nikesh Arora, a spokesperson for Google said “Channel 4 have been visionary in their online strategy and are consistently at the forefront of new uses of YouTube to engage their viewers and unlock new revenue streams. This significant new agreement brings Channel 4’s great full length content to the YouTube community, helping Channel 4 to grow their online revenues and to continue to invest in the creation of high quality original content.”

Andrew Duncan, the spokesperson for Channel 4 said “Making our programmes directly accessible to YouTube’s 20 million UK users will financially benefit both Channel 4 and our independent production partners and help bolster our investment in quality British content.”

Early predictions suggest that the deal will turn out to be rather profitable for both sides of the deal.