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Devastating Hospital Cyberattack Averted! 0

Hospital Cybersecurity Disaster AVERTED!

Following on from our disastrous attempt yesterday, hospital cybersecurity disaster was averted! We successfully explain how a hospital averted a devastating cybersecurity disaster from a double-pronged cyberattack involving the leaking of confidential patient information...

Devastating Hospital Cyberattack 1

DEVESTATING Cyberattack Leaves Hospital DESTROYED!

A devastating cyberattack leaves a hospital destroyed after it failed to stop both a massive data breach of confidential patient information in addition to suffering a Wannacry-esque ransomware attack. Could this all have been...

We SAVED Fugle from DISASTER 0


Following on from our disastrous attempt to save Fugle yesterday we decided we’d give it another go. And this time we SAVED Fugle from DISASTER! Yesterday, we blew the budget and it still wasn’t...