DPS Politics v1.02 Released

DPS Politics v1.02 has now been launched over at DPS Apps. The latest political simulation and game to drop on the scene has new exciting features and improvements

New features in this version include:

  • Joining a political party – not only can you view information about your favourite (or not-so-favourite!) political party but you can now also declare you allegiance and sign up as a virtual member in DPS Politics.
  • My Profile – your profile section has been spruced up a bit to include your party details, or, if you are currently without a party, declare that you are currently independent.
  • New political parties added – joining the Labour and Conservative parties in DPS Politics we now also have the Liberal Democracts, the Green Party and the Brexit Party.

Enjoy! And please let us know your comments below!

New Political Simulator Launched by DPS Apps

As confirmed yesterday, we’re proud to announce that DPS Politics v1.0 has is now live over at DPS Apps!

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, here’s a round up of features available now at initial launch.

Register and login to your own personalised account:

View the latest breaking news in this world of virtual politics

Create new policies:

View existing policies:

View policy details – and vote on them too!:

View your user profile:

View the top voters:

Catch up with the latest policies:

Check out information on your favourite (or not-so-favourite!) political parties:

Much more is coming soon – please do share your early feedback and feature requests with us. We love to hear from you and your feature suggestion may end up in the next version of DPS Politics!

DPS Politics Lauched!

Long awaited and eargerly anticipated, DPS Politics v1.0 has just been launched!

Check it out now!

DPS Politics Welcome screen

Can you lead the country? What will your first policy be? Register now!

Think you can do better than the career politicians? Of course you can! Time to show the them and the world how it’s done!

A full review will follow in due course, but feel free to start exploring now!

Luke Bozier “Fan Site” Created As Bozier Quits Twitter

Luke Bozier, the social media expert behind the new social networking site menshn.com (have we got that right?!), has found himself somewhat under siege in cyber space – not least since his defection from the Labour Party to the Conservative Party earlier this year.

A couple of weeks ago Mr Bozier ‘quit’ popular social networking website Twitter citing the massive amount of abuse that he has received on the website.  He rather unceremoniously quit Twitter with two final messages for his followers:

Luke Bozier - Last TweetsHis Twitter account, @Bozier, was promptly shutdown and remains offline.  

For those of you that don’t know Menshn.com is a website designed to be a rival to Twitter with its tagline “Talk on topic” venting the frustration of founders Mensch and Bozier that Twitter can descend into a free for all with no real discussion of a certain topic occurring.   Former Tory MP, Louise Mensch stated that they have put loads of time into the new social networking site which has received mixed reviews in general.  Originally the website was only accessible to US visitors but it has now been expanded to include other countries, including the United Kingdom.  

It’s possible that Luke was already intending to leave Twitter for Menschn and that the abuse he received via his Twitter account may have just hastened the process.

So, has Luke Bozier managed to escape the trolls by quitting Twitter?  Well, not quite.  Luke now has a new fan site set up – www.lukebozier.com.  Now, from the content on the site, we think its safe to say that its by no means the official website of Luke Bozier.

Firstly the webmaster insults Luke:

Luke Bozier Dot Com - 1

The moves on further down to mocking Mr Bozier:

Luke Bozier Dot Com - 2

And then the webpage continues to display the final tweets of from Luke’s @Bozier Twitter account.

We’ve done a little digging to see if we can find out who has decided to vent their frustration at Mr Bozier and found out that its ‘Masseef Spaz’ from Paris.  We are assuming that this is a false identity!!!

The current whois record would appear to contain numerous fictional entries:

Whois - Luke Bozier Dot Com

This comes around the same time that a ‘Twitter troll’ has set up a ‘parody account’ of Louise Mensch.  The parody account @MenschTheWench has already been blocked by Ms. Mensch – not because of her objection to a parody account but due to the ‘anti semitic, racist avatar’.

It is unclear whether these actions against Mensch and Bozier are all from the same person although given the timing, it is most certainly a distinct possibility.