Freeview Retune Causes Controversy

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Millions of households today have been forced to retune their Freeview equipment as part of the digital switch over and to update certain Freeview services.

We reported on this situation earlier today: Older Freeview Set Top Boxes Destined For The Scrap Heap.  This forced retune – promised to be one of many, has not been recieved well amongst parts of the population and has resulted in hundreds of complaints to both Freeview and the British Broadcasting Corporation.

The main purposes of the update today were to allow Channel Five to be recieved by a greater number of households and to prepare Freeview for High Definition programming in the future.  Unfortunately, around half a million households have now lost access to the ITV3 and ITV4 channels on Freeview as a direct consequence of this update and some households with older set top boxes have lost the use of them altogether.

To add further to the disruption certain channels have changed positions and certain preferences like favourite channels and scheduled recordings are more than likely to have been cleared as a consequence of this update.

The overall consensus of many people at the moment seems to be negative towards this update and future updates are likely to recieve an equally cold welcoming as well as generating hundreds more complaints.

Yahoo! GeoCities To Closedown After 15 Years

Yahoo! GeoCities Logo

After 15 years of being one of the top free hosting providers on the Internet Yahoo! GeoCities is to close down on the 26th October 2009 and all GeoCities websites are to be removed.

Yahoo! says that it has decided to take this action so that it can focus on “helping our customers explore and build relationships online in other ways”.

The Internet Archive is working to archive as much of GeoCities as possible so that its content will last for years to come.  There is more information on this here.

This is an end of an era that sees a giant in the web hosting world finally close its doors after 15 years of continous service.

The closest service to GeoCities that will remain will be Yahoo! Web Hosting – however this is a paid for web hosting service.

TalkTalk joins BT and Virgin Media In Condeming New Government File Sharing Plans

TalkTalk has become the latest Internet Service Provider today to condemn the Governemnts new plans for dealing with illegal file sharers.

The opinion of these three providers is that suspending customers Internet connections will only do harm to the online world rather than protecting the rights of copyrighted content owners.  However the providers still say that they are commited to tackling online file sharing.

Although there is general agreement that illegal file sharing needs to be tackled, the way in which it should be done is viewed quite differently by ISPs than the government.

Older Freeview Set Top Boxes Destined For The Scrap Heap

Freeview is today taking a step forward by updating and retuning its channels across the UK.  This will allow Freeview to carry high definition content in the future.  The downside to this however is that around 20,000 older freeview boxes will, from today, stop functioning.

For more information to see if your equipment is likely to be affected please see the BBCs related file.

While newer equipment should experience no problems and just need to re tuned older equipment could face problems updating or, in the worst case, stop working at all.

New Forum Launched!

To go with our brand new spanking website is a brand new spanking forum.  And do you know what the best thing is?  By registering on this website to comment etc you automatically become a member of the forums – so there is no need for a seperate registration!

Feel free to start posting now and we can get the forums bursting into life.  I look forward to chatting to you all there.