DPS Computing Partners With B3ns.com

As part of our commitment to all our members and visitors to continually develop and provide you with the latest, greatest and most diverse content possible, we are proud to announce a new partnership with Ben Stones’ Personal Tech Blog on Windows, Mac, Software and Hardware.

As regular visitors will know, we have long supported this fantastic site ran by Ben and now both David and Ben have decided to move forward and provide an enhanced service to both sites.

Each site will feature excerpts from some of the fantastic content and articles on the other site including a link to read more on that article if you so choose.

Ben will also be guest writing some articles for DPS Computing and David will be guest writing some articles on Ben’s site.

We believe that this partnership will strengthen the content and diversity on DPS Computing as well as provide another viewpoint on all the technology news, reviews and content that we provide here on DPS Computing.

Ben’s technology blog features a huge selection of content with each article being of the highest quality.  Ben has also wrote articles for other companies with are extremely informative and have been useful to the customers of those companies.

We would request that all our members and visitors welcome Ben as a partner to DPS Computing and we eagerly await his much valued contributions to the site.  Equally we would like to welcome any new DPS Computing visitors and members that are regular visitors to B3ns.com :).

Ben Stones’ Personal Tech Blog

Name Ben Stones’ Personal Tech Blog on Windows, Mac, Software and Hardware
Category Computing / Technology Website
URL http://b3ns.com/
Rating (out of 5) [rating:4]


Ben’s website is a personal tech blog covering a range of issues relating to hardware and software including both the Windows and Mac operating systems.  To add the personal touch, there is also some interesting non tech posts now and then that certainly get you thinking.


Ben Stones’ Personal Tech Blog on Windows, Mac, Software and Hardware is a site that you should definitely bookmark even if you have the vaguest interest in technology and specifically computers.  The quality of the articles on this website supersedes the quality found on even some of the biggest technology sites out there.

One of the great things about Ben’s website is that, as expected, it is informative and full of useful information, but he also adds his personal take on things, gives advice and explains his experiences of similar situations.

With regular updates and good quality content this site is sure to go from one success to another.  We’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on it and we suggest that you do to!