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Well, we would say this wouldn't we? Website as a Service (WaaS) is revolutionary, but we do have a few competitors.

Price isn't everything, but value for money is. In this economic climate you want affordable quality and we get that.

We've replaced our competitors business names with a description (we don't want to be crass) but we understand how important it is for you to easily compare offerings. We're sure you've already worked it out based on your research - but do contact us with any queries.

Take a look at how we compare in the following blocks.

DPS vs Glasgow SEO Agency

DPS Computing Glasgow SEO Agency
Website as a Service (WaaS)
Upfront Fees
Upfront Fees
Upfront Cost
Upfront Cost £0 £500
Ongoing cost (per week)
Ongoing cost (per week) £5 £15
Year One Cost
Cost after One Year £260 £1,280
Year Two Cost
Cost after Two Years £520 £2,060
£5 per week!

Unbeatable Pricing

Starting at £5 per week, websites have never been so accessible to small businesses.

We've banished upfront fees in favour of one simple, manageable, weekly payment.

Unrivalled Quality

Led by qualified IT, software and web development professionals, we provide an expert service that is second to none

More Competitor Analysis On Its Way!

We're continually scouring the market to ensure we provide the best deals, at great value for money based on what business wants!

Check back regularly!


We are too! Let's get this show on the road!

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