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Whatever your next event, we have it sorted

Our Mission

To wow, to amaze, to deliver the biggest thrills and spills, leaving your customers leaving having had one heck of an experience!

What do we do


We're always testing out new ways to put the umph into your event!


We know what makes a good event, and we can deliver that for you too.  


Up in the air?  Out of this world?  We have it covered.  What other consider extreme, we consider the new norm.  Jet fighters?  Why not!

Whatever your event, we can make it rock!

Full Power

You get the awesome experience first time, every time

High Energy

Our team lives and breathes your event

Ever Ready

No matter what gets thrown at us, we'll sort it out.  You'll have no issues on event day that we can't solve!

Focused On You

We treat your guests as we treat our customers.  

Taking It Seriously

This ain't no game - it's your business.  We understand that.  

Taking Off

Get ready for us to help your business rocket!

Our Partners

We work with the best.  'Nuff Said.  

The Team

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