DPS Computing has been running for the past 6 years now, since 2006. The latest incarnation of the website is the most successful to date, currently approaching 1,000 registered members and many thousands of visitors per month.

Originally hosted on a shared server, DPS Computing quickly outgrew this and in 2007 we moved to our own dedicated server.

By 2012, the dedicated server on which we hosted DPS Computing was no longer, both technology wise and resource wise, able to cope with the demands of running the now much larger, more popular and more advanced website and services that we love today.  In March of 2012 we migrated to a new high spec server to increase the speed of the site by 4 times the capabilities of the previous server.

In addition to this, in March 2012, we have started the transition to launch some cloud based services using state of the art cloud computing technology to provide the most reliable and fulfilling experience possible.

The current version of this website has been running since 2009 and many of the articles created by DPS Computing have been linked to and referenced from on many other websites and forums across the world.

As part of our goal, to become the ultimate computing resource on the Internet we are producing fresh new content and listening to the views of all our visitors and members.

We read every single piece of feedback that we receive and consider it when developing DPS Computing.

2012 is expected to be an exciting year for DPS Computing with the relaunch of a fantastic new and overhauled web hosting service, new partnerships, new software launches and new state of the art cloud based web services.