Storm Surge – Mission 4 – Star Trek Resurgence

With Jara in command and Carter out ‘on the roof’ a devastating change of circumstances is about to take place – but who will survive and who will perish as we enter the Storm Surge in Mission 4 on Star Trek Resurgence.

Jara has taken command of the USS Resolute whilst Captain Solano is on the Starbase – what a time for disaster to strike?

Carter continues the mission to activate the manual overrides necessary to stop plasma backing up through the resolute causing catastrophic systems failure but as a mechanical issue suddenly goes south on the starbase – the only question remaining is whether Jara will disobey a direct order which will surely mean sacrificing both crew members on the outside of the hull.

Will Jara hold her nerve? Find out with us in Mission 4 – Storm Surge on Star Trek Resurgence!

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