Wistron Neweb COULD Be Your Sky Box

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We’re not saying don’t worry at all. But we are saying keep this in perspective.

So you’ve just opened up a list of things connected to your route and boom Wistron Neweb is in the list. Now, I do not judge the naming habits or systems that anyone applies to their digital devices but I’m guessing, particularly with you being here, you didn’t pick this name.

—On a side note, some people pick really good names for their devices and routers, what’s your methodology for picking? Some of the names you guys come up with are AWESOME! Let me know in the comments below!

Before we call out GCHQ, let’s quickly check something.

Is It Your Sky Box?

Wistron Neweb make electronic devices for networking that are included in a whole range of electronic devices that connect to the Internet – and let’s face it, these days your fridge connects to the Internet, so it could actually be anything (maybe not the ham sandwich in the fridge…. yet).

This includes Sky boxes including the ‘old’ Sky HD boxes (black colour) that we’ve tested on.

Of course, even if it is A Sky box, it doesn’t mean it’s YOUR Sky box so it does warrant further investigation. In these strange lockdown times it could of course be a cheeky neighbour wanting to boost their gaming speed by offsetting their on-demand activity!

What you can do to determine if it’s YOUR Sky box though is check the IP address of your Sky box matches the IP address of the Wistron Neweb device connected to your router.

To do this, simply check your router – you’ll usually have an ‘admin’ panel address provided in the documentation that came with it and/or stuck to the router itself – if not, Google is your friend here and has all the common addresses. Note down the IP address of your Wistron Neweb device.

Then go to your Sky Box settings, Wireless (where you entered your Internet connetion details to connect your Sky box) and note the IP address displayed there.

Do they match? Yes? It’s your Sky box. No, it’s not your (or at least that, if you have more than one!) Sky box.

I have TWO Wistron Neweb Devices On My Network

Exciting – your clearly leading an enhanced digital life… or someone rogue is connected to your network… or maybe the kids brought home a new device from grandma’s.

Be it Wistron Neweb or any other unknown connections, the solution for protection and verification is the same.

Go round all the devices you have connected to your router and note their IP addresses.

The go to the admin panel on your router (usually via a web browser).

Boot any devices with IP addresses not on the list you compiled above.

Then, you’re all secure again from unknown devices – Wistron Neweb or otherwise!

I’ve Accidently Booted My Son’s Playstation

Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds. But they’ll have to re-set up the wifi on their Playstation (they’ll know how to do this). On the off chance you clicked a big red ‘Ban’ button (unlikely, do these even exist on any current routers that aren’t designed for uber geeks?) you may need to go back to your router admin panel and unblock it. Again, your son will know how to do this.

P.S. booting isn’t as bad as it sounds – the Playstation/other device is still functioning and in one piece. Put the chequebook away!

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