BREAKING NEWS: Rileyy_69 – The Boy Behind The ‘Tom Daley Tweets’

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The Weymouth teenager who sent abusive Twitter messages to Olympic diver Tom Daley a couple of days ago was identified yesterday as 17 year old Reece Messer.  There has been mixed feelings over the arrest but having dug further into the actions on Twitter of Reece it would seem that the Police had every right to be concerned and intervene by arresting the teenager.

Having had just a cursory look over the tweets from Reece’s account on 30th and 31st July, in a short space of time, Reece had threatened horrific violence towards what appeared to be a 15 year old girl and gloated about having assaulted a girl in a local park a year previously.  In addition to this he also quite openly made racist and homophobic remarks while making numerous ‘twitter death threats’ to a number of other twitter users, mainly young girls.

Not only that, but following his arrest and subsequent release, Reece continues to send abuse to Tom Daley over Twitter – something which you think common sense would tell you not to do, after all where have you just been and what for?!!

We’ve got just a small selection of some of the tweets sent by ‘Rileyy_69’ across Twitter, who has become somewhat of a ‘popular’ (in one sense of the word) person on Twitter, now having 10’s of thousands of followers.

Firstly, we just start of with some tweets that could be construed offensive.  However, they do give an insight into the person behind the tweets and it would seem very worrying to be discussing necrophilia with a parody account of a fictional soap character.  However, some people do strange things some time, so we’ll continue.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - A - 1

Now we move onto some general abuse sent to people on Twitter.  The legality of this is debatable but its most certainly not in line with what your average Twitter user would expect to encounter from a 17 year old child.  However, it gets even worse then as Reece makes another death threat to another Twitter user.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - A - 2

One girl tries to give some helpful advice to Rileyy_69, in an attempt to stop him digging any further into the humongous hole that he got himself into.  Unfortunately, the torrent of abuse just continues.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - A - 3

Possibly starting to see the error of his ways, Rileyy_69 puts it to the public vote – 10,000 retweets and he’ll leave Twitter for good.  When we checked yesterday the tweet had received over double that amount of tweets – however he was still sticking around to abuse more people via the popular social networking website.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - B - 1

Another user then decides to (tastefully) give Reece a taste of his own medicine by posting a ‘body comparison shot’ of him and Tom Daley.  The tweet ended up getting thousands of retweets – obviously very popular within Twitterland.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - C - 1

Evidently, even after his release, he doesn’t seem to show an remorse or guilt over what has happened.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - D - 1

Then we get onto Rileyy_69’s hate of the Olympics – something else, which, unsurprisingly doesn’t gone down well with other Twitter users.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - D - 2

After sending lots of direct threats to people, we get his opinion on people in general…

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - D - 3

Not content with just one death threat to another user, he follows it up with a second one.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - D - 4

And equally not content with the abuse already given to Team GB diver Tom Daley Rileyy_69 now wants to add insult to injury by sending another abusive message to him.  Evidently a trip to the Police station didn’t have any lasting effect.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - D - 5

So we’ve got death threats, abuse to girls, abuse to celebrities.  How about we throw in some abuse to companies.  Sky News gets issued a warning by Rileyy_69.  However, the point is missed that if he actually stopped doing what he was doing and abusing and continuing to abuse celebrities and the general public alike, the news coverage would stop.  Plus, its unlikely that you can have a case against a news company for reporting the truth – otherwise we’d have many more civil cases against news companies from a wide range of sources.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - E - 1

Followed by more abuse to Tom Daley.  Again the point seems to be missed that Tom isn’t actually doing anything, he’s doing it all by himself.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - F - 1

Then, we get a potentially delusional mind reading phase…

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - G - 1

Followed by more threats to yet another person – this time with a sprinkling of homophobic language for good measure.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - H - 1

More insults….

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - H - 2

Followed by more Tom Daley abuse.  Surly after having been arrested over malicious tweets to Tom Daley, logic tells you not to do this at least three more times upon your release.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - H - 3

We’ve also got worrying discussion of rape of family members.  Surly his family aren’t happy about this?

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - I - 1

Then we’ve got a (likely false) claim that Reece is holding someones brother hostage and asking whether another Twitter user would like him to kill them, following on to imply that this has already been done to his sister.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - J - 1

Then more abuse directed at an underage girl where he says that he hopes she is “raped by a big black man”.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - K- 1

Following a torrent of malicious tweets and abuse at anybody and everybody, another Twitter user seems to sum up the general sentiment from the rest of Twitterland.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - K - 2

Another user lets Reece know exactly what she thinks about his racist comments directed towards an Asian man.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - K - 3

Another girl points out that ‘sticking up for his mum’ by threatening to kill someone doesn’t win you any popularity contests.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - K - 4

An adult steps in to try and ‘help out’ the underage girls who are receiving abuse, death threats and other malicious tweets from Rileyy_69.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - K - 5

However, things don’t seem to improve as another threat, to what appears to be a 15 year old girl, that he’s going to come and ‘snap her jaw in two’.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - L - 1

We’re assured the following day that he ‘really is a nice person’.  This would obviously seem to be the case given just the small selection of tweets above.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - M - 310712

However, in response to a previous tweet that he sent the day before saying he was a nice person, one girl describes the experience where has met him and when she did she was attacked in a local park – something which he admits to, and then even goes on to gloat about stating that she should ‘learn for next time’.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - M - 1

After everything else, not content with abuse, death threats, homophobia, threatening to kill schoolgirls, he decides to throw some racism into the mix where he says ‘i don’t like asian people… your [sic] all knobs…’.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - N- 1

Willing admitting to assaulting a girl and ‘putting her into the bin’.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - N - 2

Another girl, another threat – this time hes going to ‘snap her legs off’.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - N - 3

Another guy steps up to defend the girls, enquiring why he never directs his abuse towards men.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - O - 1

But after all that, the one thing that we’re actually supposed to take away from it all, is that he’s ‘actually a really nice person’.  Unfortunately, we think many beg to differ with him there.

Rileyy_69 - Tweet - P - 1

Any initial doubts regarding his arrest by members of the public have been seriously damaged following the true extent of all the abuse emanating from the teenagers Twitter account.

Twitter will now face serious questions as to why this user, Rileyy_69, is continued to direct abuse at anyone and everyone, threatening violence, death, abuse and making generally offensive and insulting comments.  It is clear to understand now why he was initially released on bail ‘pending further investigation’.

In a statement to the press, the parents have said ‘they don’t know what to do’.  It would appear that it would first be wise to disconnect their Internet connection to stop what was once a smallish hole from becoming any bigger than the planet sized hole that is now there.

This is one of many cases which has thrust ‘social media crime’ into the limelight recently.  Cases like this go a long way to back supporters arguments that potential crimes and threats on social networking sites are right to be dealt with strongly by the Police.

The above examples, although they may seem comprehensive, are only a small selection of the tweets from Rileyy_69 over the course of less than 24 hours.

With this conduct showing no signs of ending for good, and frustration and anger growing, surly it is only a matter of time before the Police and Twitter will have to take further action.

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